And in these moments of clarity

In stillness, when mind clutter seems to organize itself in such a way, room for spaces of ubiquitous clarity take over and somethings are deeply understood. And in these moments I am Bliss.

The plan is, that in these moments of bliss, I’ll write. First in this Spanish agenda book from 1986, which I’ll carry with me always and later, will share some of these thoughts, not because I believe my thoughts alone are special, unique, brilliant; they aren’t. Rather, I believe that in these moments of bliss, some universal truths are understood. And if this is true, then there’s something I’m excitedly looking forward to; for when my lonely, insignificant waves of brilliant thoughts collide with yours and his and hers. And the magnitude of these collisions cause one divine Big Bang after another. Collective consciousness, it’s something to ponder about.

I’ll write when I’m angry, too… for cathartic reasons and because anger is a powerhouse of an emotion. Add anger to communication and reason, and the byproduct is passion, solidarity, conflict resolution.

Well I used to go to Chinese food restaurants and buy bags upon bags of fortune cookies. One of the most significant ones I came across goes something like this:

“If a man has common sense, he has all the sense there is.”

I am only because we are. Without you and them, there is no me.